See What Happened @ XpatLoop’s ‘Discovery On The Danube’ Event

  • 27 Apr 2017 1:30 AM
See What Happened @ XpatLoop’s ‘Discovery On The Danube’ Event
The Xpat Wine Club held its Spring bash last Friday on the Columbus Boat, where the spirit of the internationalism and discovery of the venue’s eponym, Christopher Columbus, was in the air at this social networking celebration.

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A merry group of expats and cosmopolitan Hungarians mixed well as they explored tastes from vintners Angyal (Tokaj), Dúzsi (Szekszárd), Pastor (Villány), Petrányi (Csopak), Tiffán (Villány), together providing 20 or so of their top tipples.

Guests also snacked on finger food to the tunes of live jazz, and tried their luck at Taste & Play’s ‘wine roulette’ - with the comfort of knowing any bad bets wouldn’t lead to bankruptcy as the game was just for the joy of learning more about wine.

Held from 6.30pm until around midnight, high-level business folks; ministerial-level officials; and a good assortment of professionals were able to connect in a relaxed atmosphere, this time with spectacular views of the waterfront and Royal Palace.

Lovely hostesses from Nouba welcomed guests aboard the Columbus Boat, which is permanently docked on the Pest side of the Danube River at Vigadó Square, and features a restaurant & pub as well as private rooms for events, such as weddings.

The tasty food was served up by chef Róbert Tobai, whose menu includes a range of Hungarian specialties and European fare, plus American-style burgers, which guests can wash down with four types of beer on tap in addition to stronger stuff.

The natives that Columbus and his crew encountered on their first landing in 1492 were friendly and hospitable, leading to cultural and economic exchanges as well as new relationships...

The same can be said of XpatLoop’s outing on the great explorer’s namesake, with international connections both forged and cultivated, as great wines were discovered and savoured.

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