See What Happened @ Pre Belgian Beer Festival Press Conference

  • 18 May 2017 9:00 AM
See What Happened @ Pre Belgian Beer Festival Press Conference
It’s not too we get invited to a press conference with refreshments of the alcoholic variety... Given the topic was the popular Belgium beer festival “Belga Sorfesztival, it did seem appropriate to have a taste of what was in store.

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The event was held on in the neat cellar bar called “The Sailor”, next to a Belgium beer oasis store. Budapest local press gathered to sample six of Belgium’s finest beers. They included Cornet, Gallica Asterus, Boon Framboise, Barbar Cuvee Speciale and Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel.

The beers were presented by two more than able beer connoisseurs, Mr. János Tamáska, owner of Belgaco and who also opened the press event, and Mr. György Salamon.

Over the last few years, beers of many kinds and tastes (and funny names) have flooded the market, along with many festivals to accompany them. What I really enjoy about these events and the festival to come, are these little tastes of paradise that gets your taste buds bouncing.

Words & photos by Russell Skidmore for
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