Heavy Highway Fines To Be Eased

  • 29 Jun 2017 1:50 AM
Heavy Highway Fines To Be Eased
The penalties for drivers travelling on motorways without valid stickers will be reduced according to a draft bill on the government website. The European Court recently ruled that the heavy penalties levied by the Hungarian state were disproportionate with the harm resulting by unpaid fares.

According to the draft a violation fine of not more than Ft 24,000-40,000 can be demanded in the first two hours after infringement.

After the two hours of grace expires the state administration fine of Ft 140,000-165,000 could be levied and an even higher penalty of Ft 250,000-300,000 could result if a fine is unpaid after eight hours.

One driver was fined Ft 165,000 in September 2014 for exiting a motorway one exit further than the distance that had been purchased, in other words, for failing to pay an extra Ft 324.

The European Court found the fine excessive.

In another case a driver failed to exit at the proper gate but stopped and paid the extra Ft 1,597 with his mobile phone.

Despite the payment he was fined Ft 140,000.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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