Invitation: Budapest Artisan Foundation Student Art Competition

  • 5 Jun 2017 9:00 AM
Invitation: Budapest Artisan Foundation Student Art Competition
"The Budapest Artisan Foundation is planning to invite students to submit creative art applications for our Art Competition - Fall 2017. Back in 2011 we organised a similar event supporting the Fate and Future Charity and Women's Rights Association - NANE.

Our Fate and Future Charity was chosen as they help anyone in a crisis situation—families with children, expectant mothers and the maltreated—by giving them a feeling of security, a shelter and helping them to reorganize their family life. This year one of the foundations we would like to support is the Seedling Trust.

More information via this link: Seedling Trust Budapest

We will ask the participating students to donate their art to be distributed over the different foundations, for instance to bring joy to all the residents of children homes.

Art applications for the competition may be submitted in the form of graphics, paintings, photographs, textiles (quilts, draperies, pillows), by Artists age 11-18 years old.

The submission deadline is November 24th, 2017. Art works produced earlier by any of the students are welcome to be submitted.

The Art Competition Submission Process:

The three participating age groups will be: 11-13 years, 14-15 years and 16-18 years

All art pieces will be photographed and presented on the Budapest Artisan Foundation website.

With all the amazing talent, we expect the most difficult part will be the judging! A panel of judges will have the difficult task of selecting the 9 award-winning pieces from among all of those entered in the competition. Three prizewinners (1st, 2nd, 3rd prize) will be selected from each of the three age categories.

Each of these winners are to be honored by having their artwork exhibited from January 14th & 20th 2018, at Godot Galeria, 1114 Budapest, Bartok Bela Square 11.

The winning pieces will be auctioned off by Artisan Foundation during a special event at the last day of the art exhibition, with funds donated to Hungarian Universities to purchase supplies for struggling young artists and the Seedling Trust, in line with Artisan’s Mission statement.

Outside of this competition, additional art pieces of any type are welcome from other artists and students for donation to the shelters. This project is aimed at making visual improvements to the living surroundings of a person, a place, and in particular a shelter, by exposure to creative artistic works.

Futher info from Budapest Artisan Foundation

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