Venue Change: 'Sekler Cake Festival', Gesztenyés Garden, 13 – 15 October

  • 12 Oct 2017 12:35 PM
Venue Change: 'Sekler Cake Festival', Gesztenyés Garden, 13 – 15 October
These sweet delights will be the main attraction of this traditional event in the heart of Budapest. Go to taste various types and sizes of this special kind of 'smoky, crunchy cake' which will be presented in a variety of flavours and with creative toppings. As well as Sekler cakes, there will also be special raspberry rings, plus `Kurtoske` a popular mini Sekler cake.

From the organisers:

Apart from the irresistible sweet smell of our chimney cakes, refreshing concerts and talented performers will entertain the public. Indygo, (a Hungarian pop band) s going to perform their Sekler Cake song, a song composed exclusively for this festival, on the very first day of Kürtőskalács Festival.

Those who register in advance will be offered an exclusive opportunity to make their own chimney cake. We are sharing the secret recipe with the lucky participants who will be trying to break the record for collective Sekler Cake baking.


Friday, 13. October

16:00 - Official opening - Sándor Lezsák, the Vice-President of the Parliament
16:30 - Kürtipedia - quiz game
Host: István Berecz
17:00 - Márton Hangácsi, concert
18:30 - Indygo, concert
20:30 - Bagossy Brothers Company, concert

Saturday, 14. October

10:00 - Kürtős Kaland - charity sekler cake baking event
13:30 - Kürtipedia - quiz game
Host: István Berecz
14:00 - Kolompos band
16:00 - Pom Pom stories
"Aranyszamár" Pupet Show
István Csukás- Csaba Csík - Viktor Bor

17:00 - Beyond the top of the branch... Stories for kids
Emőke Soós: Stories for kids

18:00 - Barna Pély, concert
19:00 - Impish folk tales - Soós Emőke's stories for adults
20:00 - Ildikó Keresztes, concert

Sunday, 15. October

10:00 - Kürtipedia - quiz game
Host: István Berecz

11:00 - Book of Forests
Aranyszamár Pupet-Show
Albert Wass - Tünde Strausz

12:00 - Kürtipedia - quiz game
Host: István Berecz

13:00 - Éva Bolba and the JAZZterlánc, concert
14:30 - Puppet show
15:00 - Veronika & the Wedding Boys, concert
18:00 - Stereo Swing, concert feat Gabi Szűcs
20:00 - Firefighter show
Lobbanáspont Company

New venue:

Gesztenyés Garden, Budapest, XII. district

Getting there by public transport:
Tram number 61 to Csörsz street, tram number 59 or bus number 105 to Apor Vilmos square, bus 110 or 112 to Sirály street, bus 212 from Alkotás utca or bus 139 from the South Railway Station (Metro 2).

Source: Secler Cake Festival

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