Young Hungarians Use Bikes, But Prefer Cars

  • 8 Nov 2017 7:56 AM
Young Hungarians Use Bikes, But Prefer Cars
Environmental protection is important for young Hungarians, but only if this can be done comfortably, according to a poll made by GKI research institute in cooperation with the Jófogás online classifieds website.

The research has studied the environmental protection habits of Generation Z, that is those born after 1995. While older generations are mostly buying second hand and energy saving products, Gen Z prefers brand new products or those in perfect condition, as this is also a status symbol to them, business daily Világgazdaság reports.

The young do pay special attention to selective waste management: 66% of respondents recycle paper, while 62% do the same with glass. When it comes to plastics and metal, they are marginally less so environmentally-conscious; only 60% responded that they care about this kind of waste.

As for transport, 74% of young Hungarians choose public transport or walk, but only because they lack a car. However, more than one-third, 37% choose bicycles. That said, owning a car is still a status symbol for Gen Z, the poll reveals.

Source: BBJ

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