’Improv Wednesdays', Red Ball Theater, 11 April

  • 4 Apr 2018 9:56 AM
’Improv Wednesdays', Red Ball Theater, 11 April
Do you like meeting people but find it hard to have deep experiences in Budapest? Maybe you're comfortable around friends but it's hard to talk to with new people and those bar-meetups just aren't doing it for you.

Special discount for 4 April: HUF 3000/2500 students, only valid for our first workshop.

You're looking for Improv;

Our classes are like a mug of hot cocoa for the intellectual soul. The combination of creativity, pattern-finding and joy that will have you begging for more.

New Friends!
Stage Confidence!
Creative Inspiration!

Since 2015, Red Ball Theater has offered improvisation theater courses to expats and locals in Budapest. Our newest offering begins Wednesday 4 April with open Workshops every Wednesday tackling a different topic from storytelling to power relationships, characters to the classic "Improv Speed-friending."

Our workshops are not only about performing. We teach how to be calm in the moment, to express emotions we usually hide and to embrace your natural leadership. Our students report having better relationships with family and partners and taking on bigger and better roles in the office.

Taught by Peter Mezey - Founder of Red Ball Theater, American native and a former mathematician who found his passion in the improvisation theaters of New York.

What are the topics each day?

April 4: Speed-friending and Improv Basics
April 11: Storytelling beyond the words
April 18: Status and Power

Who are our workshops for?
Everyone! Our students are as young as 16 and as old as 70. Artists and programmers, students and businessmen give reviews such as.....

"...having joined the Beginner Improv Class at the Red Ball Theater, and completed a show in front of friends and strangers, I feel unstoppable! At first really needed to be pushed to even go to the classes but now I'm inviting friends and moving around my schedule just to make sure I can make as many workshops as I can. :D"

"I firmly believe that improv is for everyone. We all live our lives on a path that is narrowed by our fears, and social anxieties. Improv helps us to break out of these self established barriers. Improv gave me feelings, memories, and friends. These are things that cannot be just taken away, and they far outweigh my daily rewards from the material realm."

What do we do in class?
We start with warmups to welcome new members and ease everyone in from the stress of daily life to the refreshing freedom of the class. Then we introduce the topics of the day and work with a series of exercises to gradually learn the hard topics. We love teaching beginners and are pros at guiding even the most nervous to be confident in no-time!

I can't wait! What are the details?
When: Every Wednesday from 6.30-9.30PM, starting 4 April.
Where: Gyulai Pal utca 5 - two minutes from Blaha! The entrance is through a black door leading to a basement.
Cost: 4500 / week full price, 3800 students. Discounts will be available for paying for multiple workshops at once.

I have more questions, can I email you?
Of course, reach out to Peter directly at peter@redballtheater.com
I love teaching beginners as I see the fear of the unknown give way to the joy of playing. I hope you're as excited to get started as I am to teach you!

Every Wednesday, 4 April – 30 May from 18:30 - 21:30
Address: 1085 Budapest,  Gyulai Pal utca 5.

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