'Devil's Cauldron Festival', Villány, 31 July - 4 August

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'Devil's Cauldron Festival', Villány, 31 July - 4 August
Ördögkatlan or the 'Devil's Cauldron' is an annual multi-cultural event in four small villages in the county of Baranya, in the Villany Wine region,which takes place between 31 July – 4 August in 2018.

Performers:  The Tiger Lillies (GB), Wombo Orchestra (FR), La Tresca (I), Les Touffes Krétiennes (FR), Mitch & Mitch (PL), Svjata Vatra (EST), Summer Rebellion (B), G & G Duo, (ESP/BEL), Paniks (SRB) – Balkan ethnomusic, Firkin – Mr Irish Bastard (HUN/D), and many others.

A brief summary of some of our highlights this year. 


Miklós Both’s Yard – Ukraine for the third time

Rácz-house, 13/1 Vásártér Street

This year’s collections stem from Western Polisya, northwestern Ukraine, thus we invited our village guests from this area. This area has managed to preserve a number of customary rituals associated with calendar days or periods, of which only traces have remained in other parts of Ukraine.

These are the habits and rituals associated with the important events of village life, representing the oldest parts of the contemporary Ukrainian folklore. That's why we split this year the four days of the festival for four seasons, and every day we show the common seasonal rituals of the area.

Partners of the yard: Ivan Honchar Museum and Cultural Center (UA), di mini teatro (FR), singers from Rozhanytsya (UA), Bovsuny, Svaritsevichy and Stari Khony. Patron of the Yard: JÓZSEF BEREGSZÁSZI, the mayor of Nagyharsány.


11.00–14.00 Pyszanka – egg painting workshop Traditional Ukrainian artisan workshop for all ages.
16.30-17.30 MIKLÓS BOTH’s Ukrainian-Hungarian music workshop
18.30-19.30 Polysek's Spring Awaiting Spring games, songs, dances. Traditional Ukrainian dishes.
19.30-21.00 Ukrainian folk dance. Anyone who has been there already will certainly return (and bring one more person).


11.00-14.00 Paper flower making workshopTraditional Ukrainian artisan workshop for all ages.
16.30-17.30 MIKLÓS BOTH’s Ukrainian-Hungarian music workshop
17.45-18.30 "Kust" Anything is possible in Ördögkatlan! On the main street of Nagyharsány, a Ukrainian chariot rides, on the chariot Ukrainian old ladies sing... Ritual street parade, going from door to door, sharing good wishes.
18.30-19.30 Summoning the Midsummer Night Rituals Ornamental ritual, purification by water and fire, dancing and singing. Traditional Ukrainian dishes.
19.30-21.00 Ukrainian folk dance class. The Ukranian old ladies can power through - can you?


19.30-21.00 Ukrainian folk dance
18.30-19.30 "Kalyta". The night of youth, games for the youth, fortune telling for couples, dancing and singing, traditional Ukrainian dishes.
16.30-17.30 MIKLÓS BOTH’s Ukrainian-Hungarian music workshop
11.00-14.00 Straw bird making workshop. Traditional Ukrainian artisan workshop for all ages.

Winter - All programs are linked to the wedding theme

11.00-14.00 Motanka doll making workshop. Traditional Ukrainian artisan workshop for all ages.

16.30-17.30 MIKLÓS BOTH’s Ukrainian-Hungarian music workshop

18.30-21.00 Ukrainian wedding. Come and eat, drink, sing, get married! You can participate in a wedding-themed joint dinner and folk dance club, featuring the di mini teatro (FR).

Aralica Yard - 38 Kossuth Street

17.00–21.00.  - Concerts and folk dance conventions. This year we try something new: from the Latin rhythm we switch to Central and Eastern Europe, and learn to dance to Croatian-Hungarian-Moldavian-Macedonian. And we meet with our friends from the district of Belye (Croatia).

16.00-17.00 - The Puppet Theatre of IVAN KRISTIJAN MAJIĆ (HR) Kristijan's traveling theatre does not need any staging or lights - all the accessories fit into a suitcase. Yet he has everything he needs to enchant the children. Kristijan comes from Croatia, but don’t be afraid, everyone will understand his magic.

18.00-21.00 -  Vizin Folk Dance. Croatian holo and Macedonian dances, invigorating rhythms! The Vizin Orchestra (from Pécs) is playing, the dance teacher is VESZNA VÉLIN.

18.30 - MAGDALENA MANDURA (HR) Aralica's guest arrives from Croatia and sings her own chants with piano accompaniment. 19.30 Jelena Radan (HR) Fado from Croatia. A number of award-winning singers introduce themselves in Ördögkatlan.

18.30 - Professores Trio. The trio arrives from Croatia (ANA STANKOVIC - piano, MIRNA SKIKIC - violin, ALEKSANDRA CELIKOVIC - vocals), performing evergreen melodies and ethno-songs.

19.30 -  Introducing Privlaka This folk dance ensemble arrives from our host’s, MARKO ARALICA's hometown, to first showcase, then teach Croatian dances.

20.30  - The burning of the Straw Devil. Finally, we burn together the straw devil created by NIKOLA FALLER sculptor.

Boban Markovic Orchestra (SRB) - When we say with glee: the Balkans! Plus, the Junior Prima Awardee BÁSITS BRANKA sings along with the team.

Les Garçons Trottoirs (FR) - Caution, French music! The party of four French musicians conquer Ördögkatlan with a guitar, a harmonica, a wooden box, and a single-chord „double bass” built from a plastic bin and a broom handle.

PASO - Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – they are 15 years old! Long live the ska.
Fredifr3ed (FR) - The Wombo's saxophonist is a regular guest in the Living Room – it’s not by chance!

Katlan foot race -  To Sauska winery (3.5 km) and back! István Lakatos is organizing this race for the sixth time. This one will be the one with the highest attendance. (In the meantime, one of the main organizers waits for a cartilage surgery – run instead of him!)

Kill the Dandies (CZ) -     They have many sources of inspiration, from Cramps-like psychotic rock'n'roll to Lee Hazlewood's most prominent country ballads, through The Velvet Underground's crudeness, to Phil Spector's noisy loudspeakers to David Lynch movies.

Psycho Mutants - They will play together with the Czechs and if you re-read the blurb of the Kill the Dandies – this is not by chance!


Circus Marcel (BEL): Home Made (60 ') - Circus for everyone! Four people find each other while they look for simplicity. Four friends who want to show each other, as well as to the world, this simplicity, sincerity and honesty. Four artists together: an ingenious, enthusiastic, playful, and vibrant attraction!

Oh, Europe - Action Hero (GB) -  The team travels 30,000 kilometers in European countries – here, they arrive from Belgium and they go to Germany next. They’re collecting love songs, so they’ll collect the most beautiful ones from the villages too and will also show what they brought from far. We will listen to and sing along with the finest songs of the continent. Come along, sing love songs! They are preserved for the Eternity.

Like a Rolling Stone - The world's biggest hits from the past 50 years, from the Beat period to the '90s. And those who guarantee the atmosphere of the evening party are: Kátya Tompos, Zséda, Eszter Ónodi, Dorka Gryllus, Adél Jordán, Kornél Simon, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Tamás Keresztes.

Encounters (Chamber Music in Katlan) - Ditta Rohmann, cello artist, and László Fassang, organist, as well as their guests are playing. Conversations from musical tunes, via instruments and vocals.

Jaune Toujours - Belgian jazz and world music in French, English and Dutch... what a joy!

Wombo - Chante avec nous du fond de tes entrailles: „You don't know, what I know...” Wombo: on vous aime!

Poklade - In the Poklade band, you can find all the Balkans. The song of the balm-crickets, the sizzling shards of glass, the fierceness of the rakija.

Servet - A huge dance club in the Kovács Manor House to close the festival to Moldovan music.

Full program available here

History of the Festival

MTI Photo: Sóki Tamás


More: ordogkatlan.hu

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