Video: 7 Top Ruin Bars In Budapest

  • 8 Jun 2018 10:59 AM
Video: 7 Top Ruin Bars In Budapest
Ruin bars are now a cornerstone of Budapest nightlife, and this video tours seven of the city’s most popular ruin venues, including the original that started the whole scene.


Just in case you didn't know, ruin bars began in the early 2000's when young people in Budapest were looking for places to go out and have a drink without spending a fortune.

This led to abandoned buildings and empty lots being filled with old furniture, and odds and ends, and turned into creative makeshift cheap bars.

The ‘ruins’ of the surroundings is what led to the name. There are more and more ruin bars, and they all have a distinct feeling that sets them apart from each other, as this entertaining and informative video shows.

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