'Autumn Picnic', Etyek, 1 – 2 September

  • 5 Jul 2018 8:24 AM
'Autumn Picnic', Etyek, 1 – 2 September
The Gastro-Promenade is waiting for you during autumn as well! Melodies, spices and smiles, the noblest of drinks, the best of gastronomy and an amazing artisanal market.


1. Picnic Park

  • Wooden playground with folkish motives and “Pónilovi” pony riding

2. Aubergine Terrace

  • Aubergine and pepper cream in cups
  • Beef leg goulash and homemade noodles
  • Pulled pork sandwich, grill pork clod and sausages, ratatouille

3. Desszert Cellar

  • Refreshing summer desserts and lavender-flavoured bites
  • Ethno Sanzon band performance from 3pm on Saturday

4. Gradowski estate

  • Wines from Szekszárd-Görögszó
  • Beef goulash and grill menu with some light salad.

5. Garaguly Estate and Winery: Áts Family Winery (Mád), Balla Géza Winery (Arad-Foothills)

6. Cellar Milán – Cabin Zalán

  • Hungarian bean goulash and homemade strudel
  • Baked pork or duck leg with stewed cabbage and mashed potatoes

7. Sobol Winery and the Courtyard of Transylvanian Flavours

  • Summer sour soup, Goodies wrapped in vine-leaves and Transylvanian “miccs” (Beef rolade) grilled on charcoal.
  • Tarpa pálinka, beer and wine extracts from Csík country

8. Gombai champagnecellar

  • Tasting traditional sparkling wines
  • Sabrage! Opening Champagne with a sword

9. Ham-master Árpás Laci’s Cellar: Gervai Cellar (Etyek), Nádas Winery (Etyek), Maurer winery (Szerémség), Tiffán Wine (Villány)

  • Flavours of Délvidék, pork baking showcasing
  • Artisans: Borostyán Leather Crafting, Chilion, Emese’s Workshop, Etyek strawberry, Fanni’s patches, Greta Handmade Design, Gyurma Trend, Object of Olden Days, Fruit Wines of Sáp, Sziráczki Glass

10. Cellar Halmi

  • Wines and spirits of the house and handmade syrup
  • Lavender and mint Spritzer
  • Twine & String bracelets and necklaces

11. Takáts Cellar

  • Pies in many different flavours and food made in kettle

12. Saint Orbán cellar

  • Taste the wines of Rókusfalvy Estate and Zarándok Cellar
  • “Gezemice-lángos” scone from Etyek

13. Zarándok Cellar

14. Cellar Kácsor „Kíra”

  • Etyek wines, brad with goose crackling crème, sheep cheese scone and homemade Strudel
  • Artisans: Chilicum, Etyek Beer Manufactury, Dragée, Gyöngyi anyu relax cukiságai, Marmaladys, Mimmóza, Valaha Tanya, Váli-völgy Goat Farm

15. Tátrai Cellar

  • Wine tastings all day the best wines of the winery
  • Walking plate of goat and cow cheese specialities of the Váli Bio Farm

16. Rezeda Terrace: Anonym Cellar (Etyek)

  • Piknik retro meal: Pasta goulash soup with Mangalica bacon / Beef with eggy barley and vegetable and pickles / Cacao biscuit with grape marmalade
  • Vega meal: Pasta goulash soup/ Forest mushrooms with egg barley and vegetables and pickles
  • Crèmes: Forest and flap mushrooms, horseradish and pork leg, foie gras in grape pálinka
  • Saturday, 13:00 o’clock: MOX Tribe Piknik athmosphere in the garden
  • Sunday, 11:00 o’clock: "EB duó" plays jazz standards
  • 14:00 o’clock: Gellért plays

17. EtyekVin Cellar: guest: Ham master Árpás Laci

  • Local wines and grilled vegetables

18. Green eggs and ham

19. Lajvér Wine House: Haraszthy Cellars (Etyek)

20. Berényi Cellar: Family Cellars Orosz Gyula (Etyek), Cellar Vabrik (Etyek)

  • STELÁZSI - delicacies
  • Coffe Go

21. Dvorák Guest Court

  • Visit the farmland! Sheep, goats, geese, ducks and their babies
  • Smoking market and village flavours: Tarragon ragout soup, cold fruit soup, pork leg and tripe goulash, filled pepper, “Lecsó” Hungarian ratatouille pork with egg barley, grilled plate and fruit rice

22. Drop Stop: Lucza Family Winery (Etyek)

23. Debreczeni Winery– Debreczeni-Ferenczi Family Winery (Etyek and Szekszárd)

  • 11:00 - 15:00: Outdoor children’s and artisanal programs
  • Saturday:
  • 17:00-21:00: DeciBand
  • Sunday:
  • 16:00-20:00: Schwab'N'Roll
  • “Lecsó” Hungarian ratatouille with sausages, Grilled plates, Classic Hungarian pork fat spread, Strudel and pancakes
  • Etyek and Szekszárd wine tasting and market
  • Artisans: Chabo Chili, Csinta, the artisans of “Édenkert” and Judyposter

24. Etyek Cheese Road Station

  • Cheese specialities and cottage cheese desserts

25. Fono Press House 

26. Estate Rókusfalvy: Dúzsi Family Winery (Szekszárd)

  • Gourmet experiences with Restaurant Rókusfalvy
    10:00: Cooking contest - (Judging of the contest at: 2.00 pm)
    11:00: „Glass in hand” – every two hours an unusual tour with wine tasting
  • 11.00-16.00: Artisanal programs and games for children
  • Saturday: 
  • Street music by Zrínyi Pop 
  • Sunday: Swing by Brass&Roll

27. Etyeki Solis Occasum

  • Let’s feel nature’s harmony with tasty wines, renewed dishes prime chefs and pulsating music

There is no entry ticket for Etyeki Piknik. All programs are free to attend. We are not implementing any NFC based card system; all products may be purchased with cash.

Picnic Wine Campus

Take part in our training for free, where you can be introduced to the basics of four wine styles and balanced tasting with the guidance of the leading experts of the Picnic Wine Campus’ Information and entry here.

Buses with 760 marks leave from Kelenföldi Pályaudvar every hour (according to regular schedule), which will be supplemented with extra rides in case of higher demand.

Full price return tickets are: 1.120,-Ft for „Etyek, autóbusz-forduló” station. The usual discounts at Volánbusz may be used with valid documentation. (e.g. student ID). For detailed schedule please visit here.

More: etyekipiknik.hu

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