Kerekdomb Festival, Tokaj Wine Region, 13 – 16 September

  • 16 Aug 2018 12:43 PM
Kerekdomb Festival, Tokaj Wine Region, 13 – 16 September
Between September 13 and 16, the tiny village of Tállya in the Tokaj wine region will unlock the gates of its aged mansion, open the doors of its churches, decorate its streets and wine cellars. The most atmospheric autumn festival of Nothern Hungary will také place in the arms of the Tokaj vineyards in the gold September sun.

The 2018 Kerekdomb Festival will bring the best of the Hungarian artists and performers together with their audience to share some wine and some fun.

The events will focus on wine and culture packed with live theatrical and literary performances, movie screenings and children’s programs accompanied by such concerts as Kiscsillag, Budapest Bár, Anna and the Barbies, Margaret Island, Bohemian Betyárs, Palya Bea, Csík Zenekar, PASO, Antonia Vai Akusztik, Apey, Péterfy Bori & Love Band, Pély Barna, Vad Fruttik, Miskolc Symphonic Orchestra, Szilárd,  Tolstoys and Light in Babylon.

Each day will showcase different local crafts, creative workshops and children’s programs featuring Malek Andrea and the Eszement Meseband, Huzella Péter, Farkasházi Réka and the Tintanyúl, Varró Dániel and Molnár György as well as a real Caribbean party for kids delivered by PASO.

Pion István will talk about the relationship of wine and literature, Winkler Nóra will host discussions about wine and art, and the Hosszúlépés team will organize local history walks.

The Lutheran Church will feature special concerts by Csordás Klára and Harazdy Miklós, Kelemen Barnabás presenting his family program, Szalóki Ági, Fassang László, Szirtes Edina Mókus, Szokolay Dongó Balázs and the Miskolci Symphonic Orchestra.

Watch a pre-screening of Ruben Brandt, a gyűjtő along with the festival films of Malter, and the Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival as well as a documentary on das Péter and Anna and the Barbies.

The local community center will host theatrical performances including A Grönholm-módszer, Gyarmati Fanni naplója, and Nőkből is megárt… or Momentán Társulat‘s RögvEst.

Wineries from Tállya including Zsadányi Pincészet, Homoky Pincészet, Szóló Pincészet, Szűcs Pince and Somszög Birtok are looking forward to presenting their wine cellars and delicious wines while talking about the legends and its secrets of the Tokaj wine region.

The Oroszlános Wine Hotel will be organizing sunset hunting and panoramic wine tasting walks through the vineyards featuring fascinating stories about the footpaths of Tállya.

Kerekdomb Festival is a tasty flashback on the vibrancy of the summer and a warm welcoming of a colorful and delicious autumn.

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3907 Tállya, Rákóczi u. 18


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