Szabó Áron: Duel Of Egoisms Exhibition, Brody Studios, 9 November

  • 6 Nov 2018 1:21 PM
Szabó Áron: Duel Of Egoisms Exhibition, Brody Studios, 9 November
The pictures are an abstract and exaggerated depiction of the intensifying role tension between men and women as a result of changing social expectations.

Aron Szabo was born in Budapest, but grew up in Veresegyháza on a farm, close to the nature. He was a student of the faculty for Media Design of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, but he is rather attracted to filmmaking.

His creative work does not depend on one particular area: in the last years he was producer of countless photo-, fashion shoots, music videos, short films. He is especially attracted to reproduction, creating paraphrases, his periodic mania was the German expressionism but also the world of the '70s.

The composition and mood of his images (and movies) is elaborated, detailed and thoughtfully constructed. 

The pictures' apparent absurdity reflects the chaotic and confusing atmosphere of the process through which the sanctified goal to equal the field has been hijacked by a discourse placed in a realm of extremities, contradictions and opacity.

On one side is the Woman, collapsing under the weight of the multiple self-contradictory expectations on her, dismembering her into something distorted, detached appearing as both elusive and unnatural in the eyes of the Men.

On the other side stands the Man confused, clueless, uncertain in his actions and feelings which are trapped in his clumsy attempt to adjust the deeply ingrained prejudices with the changing social forces and his own authentic emotional world at the same time.

Both the Woman and the Man are confused, detached, turned out of themselves. And their mutual relationship is horrifyingly shifting from organic, authentic feelings and affections towards a battle fuelled by the drive to meticulously calculate each other’s next steps in order to overcome and subdue the other, while protecting oneself out of the overgrowing fear and lack of trust.

The intimacy of the people is turned into a duel of egoisms by a society of alienation and confusion. 


7.30 pm Exhibition opening
8.00 pm Beat Dis concert
9.00 pm Anton Vezuv concert
10.00 pm Nóra Matisz dj set + live act

Date and time: 9 November, 7.30 pm

Brody Studios
1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 38.

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