Community Matters: Best Budapest Brunch

  • 19 Feb 2019 10:50 AM
Community Matters: Best Budapest Brunch
We asked the local expat community - via XpatLoop's Facebook group - about their favourite venues when it comes to having brunch in Budapest. For your interest here are a few of the related hints and tips from Xpats in the loop.

Chris Clarke: I like different places for different reasons:

1) Marriott is consistent and has, in my opinion, the best and biggest selection of food and a great view. On the downside, there are always children running and screaming around the place and the arrogant parents thinking that we all should suffer as much as they do.

2) Four seasons has the best service not the biggest selection of food but the quality is perfect.

3) Kempinski has exceptional service but rather dull on the menu.

4) Corinthia extremely grand in the atrium but the restaurant area where the buffet is looks like an 1995 airport lounge. Good selection of food but quality is inconsistent...

5) Ritz Carlton very very good service, not a particularly large selection of food but good quality, no complaints but only been there once. 

6) InterContinental is just awful. Can’t think of one good thing about it.

If I’m pushed to say which one my favourite could be, it would be the Marriott minus the brats and their awful parents.

Tom Szélpál: As an American, I find brunch in Budapest to be extremely disappointing.

Having to go to a 5 star hotel to have an overpriced breakfast is ridiculous. Inez offers a bacon egg and cheese bagel, Cube Coffee has some decent brunch sometimes, and you can actually get pancakes with bacon at Budapest Baristas. Jelen has an English breakfast and an egg sandwich, but I still give the breakfast scene in Budapest a big fat ZERO...ok a 1:) 

My expat friends and I actually started a breakfast club where we rotate on who cooks brunch once a month. That’s the way to go unless you wanna eat overpriced hot dogs and poached eggs at BS fancy pants places:)

Mark Milstein: The Marriott: amazing selection of food. The place can get crowded, but you never know who you will meet while getting a plate of awesome sushi or made-to-order roast beef. A great experience.

Mark Maurer: Déryné and Villa Bagatelle. Awesome food, awesome service. If you are a meat lover then Déryné is pretty fantastic: I have Wagyu with a pair of handsome sunny side up eggs and a mimosa! 

Zen Patel: I went to brunch at TOPRUM a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Cute place and the food is great.

Julie Mester: I keep returning to the Corinthia. Like the atrium, the sushi, the music and the entire experience.

Wolfgang Sander: Villa Bagatelle hands down. Food, ambiance, service. Buda Gourmet is another great place for brunch.

Simon Greenberg: The Four seasons is the best.

Rocco Roberts: I like Cirkusz in Dob utca. Informal and good. Menza on Liszt Ferenc ter is also a favourite.


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