Budapest Airport Steps Up Efforts Against Any Illegal Activities

  • 15 May 2019 7:12 AM
Budapest Airport Steps Up Efforts Against Any Illegal Activities
As part of the bud:plus programme, Budapest Airport is to increase its efforts to push out all illegal activities from the premises of Liszt Ferenc International Airport in a joint operation with authorities to ensure that passenger experience is further improved.

Donation collecting, unwanted marketing questionnaires, or illegal offers to take a ride to town – these are the most typical items on the list describing different modes of harassing passengers arriving in Budapest.

While the airport is open to the public, its sole purpose is to ensure safe and comfortable travel as well as meeting and picking up loved ones or business partners at the terminal.

According to the Airport Rules approved by the authorities, from 15 May 2019 all commercial, charitable, political or other kinds of activities including distribution of leaflets, holding events, film-shooting, or just approaching passengers with commercial offers will require the prior written approval of Budapest Airport.

In response to passenger complaints, Budapest Airport has appointed a new security provider who will keep out all illegal or unwanted activities that may involve harassment of the traveling public.

The modified rules of airport behavior will be first made public on 15th May, and excerpts from the Airport Rules will be handed out on leaflets around the airport to ensure that everybody is aware of the new regulations.

The new rules will not affect existing agreements between Budapest Airport and its licensed official transport partners including BKK public buses, Főtaxi, and the Minibud shuttle bus operation.

Official, pre-ordered taxis can also operate unchanged with daily two free entries to pick up passengers at the curbside of the terminals, and tourist buses picking up groups will be also operating as before.

However, all efforts to illegally pick up passengers or to make unsolicited offers to them in any way will be politely but firmly curtailed by airport security guards and may face legal proceedings.

The aim of the coordinated action is to put an end to the harassment of passengers tarnishing the image of Hungary as well as the airport amongst tourists.

Source: Budapest Airport

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