Wamp Design Fair @ Erzsébet Square Budapest, 4 August

  • 24 Jul 2019 8:55 AM
Wamp Design Fair @ Erzsébet Square Budapest, 4 August
In August you can meet your favourite WAMP designers two times: at the first Sunday of the month the design fair will await everyone at the usual spot at the poolside of Erzsébet square, then in the upcoming week the designers will move to Óbuda Island at SZIGET Festival, one of the biggest music and cultural festivals in Europe to the colourful wooden huts of Hello Wood.

The brand Pamut Apparel is devoted to create comfortable and unique garments. The whole manufacturing process is made by hand, each piece is tinted exclusively by waterbased dye, which adds a softer structure to the materials.

Their clothes are all annealed so as to prevent their textile from fading and shrinking. All of their products are made of soft organic cotton which gives you comfort even on the hottest days.

The mission of Judit Vigvári Design is to create traditional collections for the next generation by rethinking the classic Hungarian motives.

In these cute little dresses kids and babies will surely enjoy summer, and will happily embark on holiday adventures.

The aim of the brand SoadyArt is simple: creating casual handmade jewellery and accessories decorated with unique illustrations for those who love unique articles made locally.

These cute tiny pieces can be great presents for kids, but due to their stylish fun packaging they can be perfectly suitable for adults too. Beyond earrings you can also buy uniquely decorated beer opener, key holder, stickers and tattoos too from the designer herself.

The designer of the Month in August is: K e.s.h A

Andrea Kesserű’s armbands and necklaces made of reused glass lenses and plexi and her multifunctional backpacks are huge hits among WAMP fans. 

Many of her accessories are decorated by the colourful and vibrant drawings of Andrea’s son, Dani, which gives a unique look to each piece.

Date & time:
Sunday4 August, 11 am – 7 pm


1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér

Photo courtesy of the organisers

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