English Stand Up Comedy @ The Studios, 5 June

  • 5 Jun 2019 6:34 AM
English Stand Up Comedy @ The Studios, 5 June
Beloved compere Dave Thompson brings the best of international talent to stage: Adam Fields & Kevin McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy
He started purely by accident, getting on stage purely to win a dare. A truck driver at the time, comedy became a hobby until the trucking had to go and he became a full time comedian.

His reputation as a funny and importantly reliable act is acknowledged throughout the business both as a stand up comedy set performer and perhaps more highly still as a M.C. His experience and ability to connect to any audience is almost legendary.

Adam Fields
Originally from London, and now resident in Amsterdam, Adam brings laughter to international audiences with his animated style and British humour.

His stand-up performances are peppered with spontaneous wit and schizophrenic leaps into other personalities. A lively and visual comic with well-crafted routines that consistently induce hard and fast laughter.

Dave Thompson
Dave is a reincarnation of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Yakbim Sekhaenre’s court jester Djedptahaufankh. He entertained the pharaoh and his family for 24 years. In 1779 BC, Dave (or Djedptahaufankh as he was then known) misjudged a joke about Pharaoh Yakbim Sekhaenre’s daughter, and was ritually disembowelled. His body was thrown to the crocodiles.

In his current incarnation, Dave played Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby.

Date and time:
Wednesday 5 June from 20:00-23:00

18:00 - doors open, dinner & drinks
20:30 - show starts
21:15 - interval
21:40 - second half starts

Tickets are on sale here

Green Tickets:
4,000 HUF early bird - online
5,000 HUF on the door

Blue Tickets - email studios@brody.land
4,500 HUF - reserved in advance
5,500 HUF - on the door

Brodyites - all tickets get a free drink!

Contact details:
+36 1 266 3707

The Studios
1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 38.

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