'Social Confidence With Improvisation', Puder Bar Budapest, 19 January

  • 29 Jan 2019 2:09 PM
'Social Confidence With Improvisation', Puder Bar Budapest, 19 January
Red Ball's Improvisation courses are legendary for a reason: we open beginners and creative experts alike into an art like no-other. Improv is where adulthood meets childhood, where we learn to embrace the joy in situations without losing the seriousness of leadership and team-work. It's a combination of competitive sports and artistic discipline and on Tuesday 29 January it's open for you too.

Relax and find your flow in life.
Become naturally funny in social situations.
Gain booming confidence in front of a crowd.
Make dozens of new friends that support you day and night.

Here's what past students say:

"I wholeheartadly recommend Red Ball Theater to anyone who speaks English in Budapest. You will be that actor you always aspired to be. You will find passion, friends, and a sense of self. Go for it!"

"...having joined the Beginner Improv Class at the Red Ball Theater, and completed a show in front of friends and strangers, I feel unstoppable! At first really needed to be pushed to even go to the classes but now I'm inviting friends and moving around my schedule just to make sure I can make as many workshops as I can. Still having more to learn, I have seen a big difference of confidence in my 'off the cuff' thinking and sticking to the bit, I plan on attending more classes :D"

What do we do?
Using games and expert exercises we train our ability to naturally be funny, work well with others and smash our stage-fright. The weekly three hour class will feel like no time at all and leave you energized and begging for the next week already! Over eight weeks we build a group atmosphere and learn to put on a fully improvised 30-minute show which we then perform for our family and friends. This show is an unbelievable experience that brings us together for one special night. You can see pictures from our legendary class shows on our website: www.englishimprov.hu

Who is it for?
Students, Artists, Managers, Programmers, Nomads. Our students are a diverse bunch, roughly 2/3 expats and 1/3 locals, most in the 20-39 age range. There are no requirements or prerequisites for participating and we love working with beginners with no experience.

What's your history? Who is the coach?
Started in 2015, we have served hundreds in the Budapest international community over the past three years. Founder and Trainer Peter Mezey is an American-born Math Prodigy who turned down a career in finance to take up acting and start a communication studio in his ancenstral home of Hungary. He has trained and performed around Europe including in Russia, Poland and Greece and has worked with living legends Keith Johnstone, Louis Kornfeld and Tj & Dave.

What is the cost? What are the details?
Class takes place 3 hours a week over 8-weeks on Tuesays from January 29. Each class is 8.000 forints with discounts for buying the full 8-week course. Your first class is available at a 50% off trial price of 4.000 forints.

The location is Puder Bar, on Raday utca 8 right on Kalvin Square conveniently located in downtown Pest.

To get started: Join on the 29th! For questions, email  levelone@redballtheater.com  

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