Szeged International Guitar Festival, 11 – 14 April

  • 8 Apr 2019 12:32 PM
Szeged International Guitar Festival, 11 – 14 April
From the organisers: Szeged IGF is a multi-venue guitar amusement for open-minded individuals, bringing together the greatest players and hosting acts from all around the World.

It is for curious fans of guitar in any kind of genre, like classical, world, folk and even pop-rock and astonishing combinations with other arts in three cities, Szeged Budapest and Subotica (Serbia).

It is also a great networking platform for wits, competition / showcase for the best creative talents of classical guitar and masterclasses given by noted classical guitar players worldwide.

What to enjoy?

· Shows of the best classical guitarists from all over the World.

· The concerts of the greatest artists in any kind of musical genres.

· Exciting international competition of classical guitar.

· Astonishing combination of various art forms.

· Performances of many stages in more cities. Concerts take place in various venues such as concert halls, music bars, churches or your comfortable coach thanks to the live streaming.

KatHÁZ, Díszterem
6720 Szeged, Dugonics tér 12.


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