Coronavirus: Hungary Considering A Return To Earlier Lockdown Restrictions

  • 3 Nov 2020 8:55 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Coronavirus: Hungary Considering A Return To Earlier Lockdown Restrictions
Prime Minister’s Office leader Gergely Gulyás indicated in remarks to InfoRadio that the cabinet will decide on tighter measures against the coronavirus epidemic at its meetings on Tuesday’s and Wednesday.

The government is weighing the reintroduction of each of the restrictive measures it introduced during the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic in the spring, the minister for family affairs has said. If the security of health care cannot be guaranteed, the government must act, he said.

Regarding the number of deaths, he observed that “a situation has now arisen where the government also needs to tighten”. The government will decide on its next steps in handling the epidemic on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it is seeking the opinions of the elderly so that it can make the right calls, she added.

Katalin Novák, Minister without Portfolio for Families, told the Council of the Elderly earlier on Monday that the government is considering re-introducing any measures to control the coronavirus epidemic that it had taken in the spring.

She said the situation is not easier than a month ago and is expected to become even more difficult.

Gulyás said it is important that schools remain open, affirming that only higher education institutions are free to decide on the form of education.

He said the cabinet may also tighten the rules for attending sporting events, as “significantly stricter rules need to be not only adopted but also enforced. So, it should be made clear that as long as there can be spectators, there is an obligation to wear a mask.

“There will be a substantive penalty for non-compliance with the mask-wearing obligation”, he said.

MTI Photo: Péter Komka

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