Community Matters: Best Value Prepaid SIM Cards In Hungary

  • 5 Mar 2020 9:50 AM
Community Matters: Best Value Prepaid SIM Cards In Hungary
Recently a member of the local expat community asked about what is the best value prepaid SIM card in Hungary. Here below are a few of the experiences shared by Xpats in the loop via XpatLoop's group on Facebook.

Casey Marshall further explains:

For someone living in Hungary and occasionally travelling to other countries in the EU. At least 5GB data per month. 

Greg Brummel: 

Not here. In Hungary they don’t give free internet when you top up. Phone calls just got more expensive this month but I think everywhere because of Brexit or something. I got email from my UK phone company, minutes increased from 10p to 25p.

Miklos Quartus: 

That's the UK's problem. Actually, within the EU phone calls have become cheaper than before, we can call anyone within the EU as he/she was in Hungary, by calling the same number. The receiver of the call can be anywhere within the EU. So receiving calls are free when roaming.

Ákos Radványi: 

I have Telenor Hello Data start, 4500ft/month, unlimited 4G (without speed restriction) in Hungary, almost 9Gb roaming in EU zone 1. Plus some minutes of talk. It's post-paid but without commitment. Though you can't sign up for it anymore.

They have these "home" 4G plans, available without commitment for 5000 ft you get 30Gb in Hungary, 30Gb night traffic, and 8.5Gb roaming zone 1. You can find it here.

You can also sign up for a 24 months commitment and they give the mobile router as a gift.

You can also get prepaid SIM cards and buy 3-5-etc Gb data allowance on demand at most carriers.

Miklos Quartus:

There are very good top-up SIM card options (i.e. no-contract) from Telenor hello and T-Mobile domino for you. Look for SIM cards with mobile internet data.

Normally they give you 3.5Gb or 4Gb for about ~4k forints per month (13 EUR).

Most of the data can be used within the EU as well while roaming, but not all, there maybe a top cap for that, sometimes 5 or 15Gb EU usage, check with them. If you exceed your data usage, you can top-up online and you'll get additional data as an extra ("kiegészítő / extra adatjegy").

Search for 'sim kártya mobil internet' in search engine.

Kimberley Pearson Marcali:

We used Telenor, you can choose various amounts of mins and gigs depending on your budget, but it worked easily when I travelled to the UK and Germany was able to use.

John Ondreasz:

Stay away from Telenor. Best bet is probably Vodafone, but Hungarian mobile companies are rip-off merchants.


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