Criminal Procedures In Connection With Covid-19 Increased, Says Hungarian Police Lt. Colonel

  • 29 Apr 2020 5:37 PM
Criminal Procedures In Connection With Covid-19 Increased, Says Hungarian Police Lt. Colonel
The government will consider new restrictions on movement for after 3 May at its Wednesday meeting, a staff member of the duty centre of the Operational Group responsible for the containment of the coronavirus epidemic said at an online press conference.

Police Lt. Colonel Róbert Kiss stressed that we had entered the second phase of the containment of the epidemic when there was some scope for gradually relaxing the current restrictions according to a strict timetable. He observed that upon the relaxing of restrictions, we must continue to concentrate on the elderly.

On behalf of the Operational Group, Spokesperson for the National Police Constabulary Lt. Colonel Kristóf Gál thanked visitors of the website for following the official information website concerning the epidemic.

He said since the beginning of March members of the public have viewed the website 167 million times, meaning that millions of people visit the website every day.

This shows that people regard the information posted on the website and the information provided by the Operational Group as authentic sources of information to rely upon.

Mr Gál thanked members of the public for their trust, and indicated that they would continue to provide the latest data and information about the coronavirus epidemic.

According to Mr Kiss’s information, on Tuesday 696 persons were ordered to retire to compulsory home quarantine; as a result, on Wednesday, 10,071 orders were in effect.

He added that on Tuesday, the police had been required to take action due to the violation of the rules of compulsory home quarantine in 16 instances. Since 12 March, they have taken action on such grounds in 1,325 instances in total.

In answer to a question, he said at the border Hungarian nationals returning home from abroad are served with the compulsory home quarantine order document in which their attention is drawn to the fact that the effect of the compulsory home quarantine begins upon the crossing of the border, and it remains in force for 14 days.

At the same time, they are also given a red warning sticker which they are required to display at their home or place of residence.

An official public administration decision regarding the compulsory home quarantine order is also sent to Hungarian nationals returning from abroad by post.

The Lt. Colonel indicated that a person may seek exemption from compulsory home quarantine if they are able to verify that, before crossing the border, they had been under the effect of disease control quarantine isolation for 14 days abroad, and if during the health examination performed upon crossing the border, they do not display symptoms of the disease.

Mr Kiss also said on Tuesday, due to the violation of the rules related to the restrictions on movement, the police had taken action in 1,241 instances, including 559 cautions, 371 onsite fines and 311 prosecutions.

He also highlighted that the number of criminal procedures instituted in connection with the epidemic had risen to 296; 78 procedures have been instituted due to scaremongering, 89 due to fraud, 26 due to the threat of public endangerment, and 17 due to the violation of disease control regulations. So far 56 suspects have been questioned in criminal procedures.

He said there are one-hour delays in incoming cargo traffic at Röszke as well as in incoming and outgoing cargo traffic at Csanádpalota.

In answer to a question, the Lt. Colonel said the Operational Group has no competence to determine speed limits in the administrative territory of Budapest. The Metropolitan Municipality is vested with such powers.


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