Hungarian Opinion: European Left-Liberals Condemn Hungarian Government

  • 23 Apr 2020 7:45 AM
  • BudaPost
Hungarian Opinion: European Left-Liberals Condemn Hungarian Government
Alongside another 18 left-wing and liberal newspapers throughout Europe, the nationwide left-wing daily publishes an appeal calling on European institutions to take measures against the Hungarian government.

A pro-government sit rejects the accusations made in the appeal as unfounded.

Népszava carries the text of an appeal by Civico Europa, a society promoting a fully united Europe which declares that ‘Hungary is poisoning European ideals’. In addition to leftist and liberal personalities, the text was also signed by former EC President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The signatories accuse the Hungarian government of an unprecedented concentration of power, and maintain that under the powers voted by Parliament on 30 March, the government can rule by decree for an unlimited period of time.

The signatories believe that rather than serving the fight against COVID-19, such measures ‘open the door to all kinds of abuses’. They call for all-European vigilance and collective action, including immediate sanctions by the European Union.

Reacting to the appeal, Pesti Srácok quotes EC Vice President Vera Jourová who said Hungary hasn’t passed measures contravening European rules. ‘What a pity’, they write, ’that this issue has already been resolved by the Czech Commissioner for Justice’.

Pesti Srácok then quotes the government’s international spokesperson who rejects the appeal as politically motivated. All four initiators, he remarks, including former Hungarian European Commissioner László Andor, are Socialist politicians.

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