Willingness To Travel Increasing In Hungary

  • 7 Jul 2020 1:09 PM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Willingness To Travel Increasing In Hungary
The epidemic has significantly reduced tourism, but in recent weeks the willingness to travel has increased, according to the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ), writes uzletem.hu.

The abolition of the quarantine obligation, the months spent in solitary confinement, and the good weather all increased the willingness to travel.

According to surveys, 40% of Hungarians say there is no reason to fear tourist travel after the epidemic.

The published analysis also shows that day trips, mainly active leisure activities and city visits, are 11% more popular than last year.

Those traveling for a few days are mostly looking for wellness weekends, while those planning for as long as a week would rather go to other countries. In the case of a destination abroad, however, many are afraid of getting stuck there, the website notes.

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