2021 Public Holidays In Hungary

  • 31 Mar 2021 6:47 AM
2021 Public Holidays In Hungary
There are quite a few bank holidays in Hungary this coming year. Depending on which day of the week a bank holidays falls on, the previous or the following day is deemed to be a ‘rest day’ to make a long weekend for employees to enjoy.

In these cases, Saturday is usually declared a working day instead, to keep the number of work days the same during the year.

National holidays and rest days in 2021

* 2 – 5 April (Friday - Monday): Good Friday - Easter Monday 
* 1 May (Saturday): Labour Day
* 24 May (Monday): Whit Monday
* 20 August (Friday): Saint Stephen's Day
* 23 October (Saturday): Republic Day
* 1 November (Monday): All Saints' Day
* 25 December (Saturday): Christmas Day
* 26 December (Sunday): 2nd Day Of Christmas
* 1 January 2022 (Saturday): New Year's Day

* 1 January (Friday): New Year's Day
* 15 March (Monday): Revolution day

Long Weekends In 2021

* 2 – 5 April: 4-day long weekend
* 22 – 24 May: 3-day long weekend
* 20 – 22 August: 3-day long weekend
* 30 October – 1 November: 3-day long weekend
* 24 – 26 December: 3-day long weekend

* 1 – 3 January:  3-day long weekend
* 13 – 15 March: 3-day long weekend

Working Saturdays in Hungary in 2021

* 11 December (for a Christmas holiday of 24 – 26 December)

Special days which are not public holidays

Around the end of the year there are two “short” days, when most employees are allowed to leave early, shops close around noon, and even public transport switches to night mode around 4 p.m.

In 2021 these are:
24 December (Friday): Christmas Eve
31 December (Friday): New Year’s Day

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