Expats In Hungary Without TAJ Card Can Soon Get Covid Vaccination

  • 30 Apr 2021 6:52 AM
Expats In Hungary Without TAJ Card Can Soon Get Covid Vaccination
Expats in Hungary who do not have a Hungarian health card will be able to register for a Covid-19 vaccination starting from 1 May, the Prime Minister’s Office Chief of Staff announced during Thursday’s government press conference.

Important to note is that currently the authorities have not yet provided details about the process for registering for vaccination against Covid-19 without a TAJ card.

So far just diplomats from the countries which gave Hungary vaccines, such as China, Russia, and the UK, were vaccinated here from early April even if they didn't have a TAJ card.

Gergely Gulyás added that Hungary wants to finish vaccinating its own citizens before helping those from other countries, saying that ethnic Hungarians living beyond the border were “first in the line” when it came to receiving support.

He went on to say that after Hungary reaches 4 million inoculations it will open its borders to whichever country wishes to make a bilateral travel agreement.

As it stands EU states only accept immunity certificates if they are issued after use of a European Medicines Agency approved vaccine. This complicates the situation in Hungary, as the Chinese and the Russian vaccines are part of the inoculation program however neither of those two are authorised by the EMA.

So those vaccinated with EMA approved vaccines in Hungary may expect issues when travelling to EU countries with a Hungarian immunity certificate, as the Hungarian government removed the vaccine type used for inoculation from all of its immunity certificates.

MTI Photo: Sándor Újvári

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