Watch: "Stop & Re- think: II" - Artivism Gathering, Budapest

  • 8 Apr 2021 10:29 AM
Watch: "Stop & Re- think: II" - Artivism Gathering, Budapest
This new YouTube video says this is a story which takes us through four different worlds, "Four different realities and most importantly: four different truths regarding the system of news and media which is happening right now in Hungary".

The full description of this interesting short clip, which you can see below, is as follows - make of it what you will,

"Our trip begins in a world where you are welcomed by an advertisement " Happiness For Sale". 

Beautiful, high class quality of life which will bring you joy and a place in your world, you can take home a slice of happiness, own the fulfilled life. 

As the sheets peel off from the window, one person behind the ad. The person sits in total silence, in peace, surrounded by nature, feeling equal with the earth and its resonance : it is nature where we can find a balance, it is where we were going for happiness for thousands of years, learning from its rhythm and cycles, which is now being replaced with concrete and a promise for a perfect life. As the last sheets of the advertisement peel off there is one message : 

"You can not Buy Happiness" - just as you would understand, a man, dressed in black, face covered comes and tells you to not remove any more, he starts putting the sheets back. You can not access this sort of happiness, you must buy what they have chosen for you. This is our reality.

The second world 

This is where you are living your life as you think it is best for the world. You care for others, you try to make the least damage one can and try to stand up to authorities which are only interested in what they can take, whether it s money, human rights or the respect or nature and last but not least, they will distort your image to the world and make them believe you are the one who is causing the problem, you are working for a higher power no one can understand or access except them. 

When you look at the broadcast on the television, you can see an image which is of you, but you know it has been disfigured, manipulated and changed to make you the source of the problem. This is our idea of freedom, this is our reality.
The third world... 

Your green areas are being replaced without questioning, and resources are being distributed in an unequal way, keeping friends fat while you are left to starve and the public institutions you have the right to use are going to decay. You decide to take a stand, to show your voice and that you can not be pushed around by authorities. 

You are labeled (sic) as a criminal, as an extremist, someone who is an enemy, less than someone fighting for justice and your freedom. If you will ask their opinion, they will not say anything more than yes or no. They will stay silent, they will be still judgemental. Instead of them  listening, you will be demonised. This is our life now, this is our reality. 
The fourth, the last stop 

This is a dream world. Vivid colors of flowers, nature and people living in harmony together surrounded with diverse species and plants we have never seen. The people agree to protect what they have, to reserve these magical places and respect their importance in the rhythm of the universe.

As years pass, you realise these places are destroyed on a daily basis, where the people in power feel they have the privilege of overwriting what has been of necessary importance for the world being where it is.

We are slowly being destroyed. Not by anything we could not control, but by ourselves. Will we take action to change, or will accept, that now this is our reality?"

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