Front Door Boarding On Budapest Public Transport In Force Again

  • 17 May 2021 12:33 PM
Front Door Boarding On Budapest Public Transport In Force Again
Since 10 May, also the front door can be used again for boarding and the front sections of passenger cabins can be used again, while only the front door of bus lines and trolleybus lines can be used for boarding where the front-door-boarding-only policy is in force.

BKK would like to kindly ask passengers to keep safe distancing onboard the lines, where the capacity of a given line allows and to take a seat as far as possible from the driver’s cabin, if they may, to protect vehicle drivers.

By introducing the front-door-boarding-only policy, BKK’s primarily goal is to have the Travel Terms and Conditions kept and to ensure the company’s rightful revenue. Please find the list of vehicles where the front-door-boarding-only policy is applicable at BKK’s website.

To contribute to the protection of vehicle drivers’ health, ticket sales by vehicle drivers are still suspended - expected for a period until the beginning of June.

Currently, the Public Transport Mobile Ticket application is the safest method to purchase tickets and passes, by the help of which several popular types of passes and travelcards, such as the monthly pass, the quarterly pass, the annual pass or the 24-hour travelcard can be purchased from the comfort of passengers’ home.

Please find more information on mobile tickets at: 

Furthermore, we would like to kindly recommend that passengers use TVMs disinfected on a regular basis or visit BKK’s customer service centres or ticket offices. Single tickets and blocks of ten tickets are on sale also at BKK’s vendors.

You have the chance to find the nearest sales point at:


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