Budapest Zoo is Now Open

  • 25 Jun 2021 4:35 PM
Budapest Zoo is Now Open
From Budapest Zoo: "We can only let our visitors in if they have an immunity certificate or the Hungarian EESZT application.

The Hungarian immunity certificate may contain the number of the identity card and / or the passport number.

Be sure to bring the document shown on your immunity certificate.

If both the identity card and the passport number are on the immunity certificate, you only need to show one of them.

We CANNOT accept driving license, because its number is not shown on the immunity certificate.

You can enter the area of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden or Margaret Island Zoo if your immunity certificate is valid!

Budapest Zoo can now be visited not only with the immunity certificate, but also with the Hungarian digital immunity certificate published in the EESZT application. In this case, it is necessary to present an identity card or passport as well.

Not only the Hungarian immunity certificate is accepted at our Zoo.

Based on the results of the negotiations of the Hungarian government, the following countries' immunity certificate is accepted:

1. The Republic of Albania
2. The Kingdom of Bahrain
3. Republic of Cyprus
4. Czech Republic
5. Republic of Northern Macedonia
6. Georgia
7. Republic of Croatia
8. Republic of Kazakhstan
9. Kingdom of Morocco
10. Republic of Moldova
11. Mongolia
12. Republic of Montenegro
13. Republic of Serbia
14. Slovak Republic
15. Republic of Slovenia
16. Republic of Turkey
17. Ukraine
18. Romania

If you are a citizen with an immunity certificate of the listed countries, we can accept your immunity certificate.

Children under 18 do not need immunity certificate. They can come in with adults who have immunity certificate."

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MTI Photo: Imre Faludy

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