Online: ’Candlelight’ – Dance Performance In Memory Of Trianon, 25 February

  • 22 Feb 2021 7:53 AM
Online: ’Candlelight’ – Dance Performance In Memory Of Trianon, 25 February
When we are not ableto talk about something because the joy or pain of it touches the skies, we don’t have the word to describe it, or we are not brave enough, then silence, music or a gesture can “talk” for us.

Thought can be given context,meaning, publicity and understanding. It may seem that articulated speech dominates our everyday life, and speaking makes us who we are, but this is not true. Silence is the initial home to us which is also more spacious than language.

This is how a dance performance can commemorate a historical trauma like the Treaty of Trianon.

It displays what historical discussions and rhetorics cannot: provides an experience of patriotism and identity, which reaches to everyone’s core.

The title of the show (that is a mixture of folk dance and theatre) doesn’t refer to a candle we light by a grave, as if a vision of the death of a nation, but rather the vitality of hope.

The candlelight symbolizes that there is a future, there is a way out of self-pity, of numbness, and we can survive the pain without forgetting it, as Gyula Juhász also says. For the wounds to heal, we still have a lot to do: we have to exude dignity and live with wisdom.

Our everyday life needs to be instilled with the pure and vivid experience of togetherness.

The performance can be watched online with a Hungarian IP address. 

Date and time: 

Thursday, 25 February, 8:30 pm


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