Kid’s Dentistry at Smile & Teeth Dental Budapest

  • 13 Sep 2021 1:32 PM
Kid’s Dentistry at Smile & Teeth Dental Budapest
Smile & Teeth Dental’s practice pays special attention to children because they believe that the first dental experiences are decisive in the development of later dental care awareness. By playing, they introduce the children to their tools and the treatments are embedded in a fairy tale, almost as part of it.

Smile & Teeth Dental is located at Pasaréti út 57. (2nd district). It is easily accessible by public transportation or car; parking is available in the backyard.

The most popular treatments for children are:
- Orthodontics
- Baby teeth prevention and treatment
- Professional teeth cleaning
-Laughing gas for kids

They focus on building a great relationship with your children. Therefore, they are coming to them with a big smile on their face for treatments and check-ups.

Treatments are painless, they provide fruit flavoured numbing gel before every treatment.

Please keep in mind that the success of maintaining healthy teeth depends not only on the dentist, but also your responsible attitude. Therefore, in the name of health awareness, it is worth starting care as a child with regular visits to the dentist.

Do not hesitate to bring your child as soon as possible to make sure you have done everything for your kid’s healthy smile. 

For consultation please call +3670 429-0157 or fill-in the contact form at their webpage at

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