Special Packages for Everyone @ Smile & Teeth Dental Clinic in Budapest

  • 9 Jun 2021 2:44 PM
Special Packages for Everyone @ Smile & Teeth Dental Clinic in Budapest
Team at Smile & Teeth Dental Clinic is committed to protecting your teeth in line with their philosophy. That is why they place special emphasis on dental retention treatments. Prevention treatments stop further tooth damage and ensure tooth preservation.

Why is prevention so important?

Dental prevention can stop further tooth damage and help maintain the condition of the teeth/ gum. Be aware of these health conditions linked to tooth and gum disease: - high blood pressure, - heart disease, -diabetes, - long term kidney disease, lung disease, obesity. 

What treatments are included in dental prevention?

- Fissure sealants
- Aesthetic fillings
- Replacement of amalgam fillings
- Root canal treatment

If it is also important for you to protect your existing teeth, so they highly recommend that you visit the Smile & Teeth Dental practice in Pasaréti street for a dental consultation and learn about these procedures directly from their dentists.

Please keep in mind that the success of maintaining healthy teeth depends not only on the dentist, but also your responsible attitude. Therefore, in the name of health awareness, it is worth starting care as a child with regular visits to the dentist.

They have special dental packages for you. For details, discounts please visit their website at https://smileandteeth.com/dental-packages/

For consultation please call +3670 429-0157

Smile & Teeth Dental, your dentist in Budapest
1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 57.

They look forward to working together to protect your teeth.

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