Will Woman Save the Earth? - New Environmental Research Conducted in Hungary

  • 4 Mar 2022 6:50 AM
Will Woman Save the Earth? - New Environmental Research Conducted in Hungary
Women are more concerned about the environment than men. At least that's what new research shows. The questions were asked to more than 2500 people in the region, across 8 countries: including Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia.

The poll showed there are many other individual, social, and cultural factors that influence public understanding of the green issue. Now we explore how views on climate change differ between men and women.

Extensive research from 8 countries has now shown:

Nowadays Climate change is the 5th biggest problem for people.  (The most perceived problems: Income inequality,  health care provision,  familiar financial insecurity, and corruption.) This issue seems to be far more important to women than to men.

The socio-demographic characteristics of the research showed that 71% of women believe that global warming is a real problem. Only 60% of men today think climate change is dangerous. It was also found that women (81%) are more likely to think they are responsible for their actions than men (72%).

Women consistently have higher risk perceptions that global climate change will harm them personally, and will harm people in the world. plants and animals, and future generations of people.

Researchers think this difference can also be used for good purposes. Improving the education of women and girls represents one of the top solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming— Women in leadership positions can also foster climate policy solutions. Gender equality and state-level environmental protection need to be addressed more in education.

In addition, women in government positions should be more likely than men to join international agreements to reduce global warming. It is therefore necessary to strengthen the promotion of the participation of different women in leadership positions.

András Sztaniszláv, communication lead for GameOn project added: Climate change is undoubtedly one of the most serious global challenges today, which will increasingly impact the younger generation in the coming decades. Thus, the ‘Game On’ project takes a broad approach on how climate change impacts all life on Earth and how our choices affect the ecosystems in order to capitalize on the strong synergies in an emotional, life -centered communication campaign .

The aim of the research is to support the multi - dimensional and cross -country campaign with identifying the most appropriate messages and channels for communication actions.

He also added that  Game On will share the research results with university students so that they can use these for their dissertations. In addition, we also stifle sharing data with high school teachers to be able to talk to kids about climate change in class. We hope that school lessons will be much more exciting and efficient with the new solutions.

Further information: www.Climategame.eu

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