'Brain Bar 2022', House of Hungarian Music Budapest, 29 – 30 September

  • 28 Sep 2022 10:55 AM
'Brain Bar 2022', House of Hungarian Music Budapest, 29 – 30 September
Your future is our passion. This year Brain Bar once again gathers the most influential masterminds from all over the globe for Europe’s biggest festival on the future. Be warned that our speakers will tear your current worldview to pieces, but only for you to rebuild a more exciting one based on your newly gained knowledge.

This year we will focus on questions like…

Are you certain that you form opinions independently? How do influencers and big companies manipulate the Z generation’s worldview?

Why should we love Bitcoin, when its harmful emissions are equal to the footprints of whole countries?
Is it bad or good news for the world, that we all go to therapy?

Metaverse is the future’s greatest achievement or is it just a costly dead-end?

Would you fight for your country’s freedom? What do the terms “security” and “bonding” mean when there’s a war going on next to us and fear’s getting under our skin?

We are not afraid of touchy topics, neither taboos nor heated debates. This year’s program will provoke and inspire you to tighten your grip on your future.

Brain Bar invites you to join a journey to revaluate what you think you know about the world.

Registration and tickets: www.brainbar.com

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