Expat Winner Revealed at ‘Atlas Award’ Gala: Budapest Based ‘Business Hero’ Rewarded

  • 10 Oct 2022 1:11 PM
Expat Winner Revealed at ‘Atlas Award’ Gala: Budapest Based ‘Business Hero’ Rewarded
Dimitry Ljasuk received the Atlas Award 2022 during a gala ceremony organized by ITL Group and MVÜK.

The Award is created to reward those business leaders inspired by an Ethical, Sustainable, and Creative (E.S.C.) approach and whose companies operating in Hungary are committed to shaping a better world.

The organisers told XpatLoop: After several months of rewarding work, enthusiastic participation, and warmth from the audience, on October 6, we finally reached the final chapter, in which we awarded the "Business Hero" of the Atlas Award 2022.

In the beautiful setting of the Haris Park mansion, we hosted 120 guests from the Hungarian business community who were immersed in an experience of play and reflection on the themes of ethics, sustainability, and creativity.

The event was organized in cooperation with MVÜK, a real changemaker who has been active in numerous networking and social impact initiatives for many years.

János Horváth, Ceo of MVÜK, opened his speech by inviting guests to donate to Edisonfund, cooperation of MVÜK & Bridge Budapest. The purpose is to raise HUF 10,000,000 to support foundations serving children with special challenges. Guests' donations will be 100% spent to cover the charity's operating expenses.

Silvia Merighi, founder of MSP Group, Bernardino Pusceddu, Founder of Comagro Sardo and Omar Balducci, Sales Director Central and Eastern Europe Lucart Group and Lucart Kft spokesperson, supported us during the creation of the events for the community and the whole communication campaign for 2022.

Lucart recently got awarded a "Platinum" rating by the independent agency EcoVadis for sustainability, had a dedicated corner presenting their sustainability report.

Our partner Vagheggi Hungary was also present at the event, with free samples of their organic beauty product and the new product line, just introduced to the Hungarian market, Rehydra. BMW Budapest Motors went "bigger" and exposed the new BMW i4 with its new standards in terms of sustainability in the middle of the room.

"Out of several dozen potential winners for this Award nominated by the public, we are proud to present the five finalists for the Atlas Award 2022. As a jury, we were amazed by several candidates and the fact that somebody in the business community has chosen all nominated candidates as a "good example" is already a big success.

But every competition also needs a winner... and therefore, big applause to the finalists: CLIFF DICKEN VON OETINGER, ZOLTÁN GAZSI, DIMITRY LJASUK, GRÉTA NAGY, GIACOMO PEDRANZINI." - said Alessandro Farina.

And the winner is…Dimitry Ljasuk !!!, Winner of the Atlas Award 2022

The winner of the second edition of the Atlas Award is Dimitry Ljasuk, the founder of Pozitivo Digital Kft, a creative company based in Budapest.

Born in St. Petersburg (Russia), to a Hungarian mother and Ukrainian father, from the age of one, he lived in Hungary: in Tatabánya, Pilisvörösvár, Karcag, Kisújszállás, Tiszafüred, and Tiszaörvény. He believes that today's modern man has been distancing himself from nature, so he wants to bring them together through his films. He makes his films according to his motto "Notice it, discover it and care for it".

As he explains on the stage during the award ceremony, his love for the Tisza comes from his father, who used to take him fishing regularly.

"It is like a resting place for me; it constantly recharges me and helps me find myself. But it's not enough to receive from the Tisza; you also have to give. That's why this is also one of my main messages; I don't just talk about it; I also take action: I participate in and organize waste collections and everything that can be useful for the lake and the river. Hungary has many beautiful places, and Lake Tisza is an actual little jewel box! That is also why my slogan is used in my films: Notice it, discover it and take care of it!

After the revelation of the winner, the floor was taken by one of the youngest guests of the night, Alberto Farina, 12 years of age, Alessandro's son, representing the next generation to whom we will hand over the planet. Alberto thanked all the sponsors and reminded the room that “we are not alone”. The public was charmed by this young master of ceremony…

The jury identified the winner among the people who received more nominations during the summer.

The jury members of this edition were: Omar Balducci, Resident Cluster Sales Manager at Lucart Group; Tamás Botka, Publisher Budapest Business Journal; Róbert Ésik, Past-President HIPA; Alessandro Farina, CEO ITL Group; Mandy Fertetics, Responsible for Sustainability and Ethics at MVÜK; Kristóf Kovács, President of Rotary Club Budapest-City; Gábor Lévai, CEO Green Brands; Réka Matolay, Head of Corvinus Science Shop – Associate Professor; Silvia Merighi, CEO MSP Group; Bernardino Pusceddu, CEO Comagro Sardo; and, Marco Veronese, CrackingArt Co-Founder, artist, and digital painter.

Before inviting the jury on stage, Alessandro Farina said that leadership works well when also the team is excellent.

A special mention, therefore, goes to Luigino Bottega and the whole team (with special thanks to Irene Pepe and Szilvia Szlavitsek). They supported me since the beginning of this adventure. A friend and a "free thinker" who also wrote a very enriching book about life and values.

Guests could find a copy of a book - How to win at the game of life at his corner, near the skill development platform “Accelium Hungary”, also partner to the event.

We are also grateful to our Allies who shared our values and with whom we are creating a table of discussion on the present and future projects:

MVÜK, EuCham, Unindustria Ungheria, Rotary Club Budapest-City, Bátor Tábor and FirstMed.

A significant personal thank goes also to all our media partners who supported us in spreading this Award and shared our same philosophy: Budapest Business Journal, Diplomacy & Trade, XpatLoop.com, Economia.HU and Élet & Stílus Magazin.

"An award cannot be an award without a prize, and we wanted it to be a fine masterpiece,"- explained Alessandro Farina, before leaving the floor to Marco Veronese, author of the statue.

In the Atlas Award statue, the mythological Atlante and Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man join forces in holding the World; in this metaphor, past and present become one in the future perspective of building a better world for the generations to come. Two precious gems complete the work of art: an emerald shines on Hungary, and a rubin shines in the heart of the man.

Being creativity one of the three pillars, the guests could, also this time, have fun posing for Nastako, the artists who sketched some unique illustrations of themselves next to the award.

Looking at the room full of like-minded people: "The business community is evolving thanks to YOU; join us! Together for a better world." – concluded Alessandro Farina.

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