What Did Hungary’s DK Shadow Gov't Do During 2-Day Visit to London?

  • 24 Mar 2023 9:37 AM
  • Hungary Matters
What Did Hungary’s DK Shadow Gov't Do During 2-Day Visit to London?
The opposition Democratic Coalition’s (DK) shadow government paid a two-day visit to London and studied the operations of Britain’s Labour Party, Ágnes Vadai s told an online press briefing.

She met Chris Evans, the UK’s shadow minister for defence procurement, and they discussed NATO expansion and joint procurements by the alliance.

She then met Holly Lynch, the shadow security minister, and they discussed the security challenge Russia poses to Europe and NATO as well as the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Vadai said the Hungarian government had “made clear … that if the Russian president enters Hungarian territory they cannot launch a procedure against him of any kind.” DK will submit a resolution proposal to parliament on implementing all ICC decisions and the body’s statute in Hungary.

If Putin “steps onto Hungarian soil, the Hungarian authorities should be able to arrest him immediately for committing war crimes,” she said.

Meanwhile, MEP Klára Dobrev, who is the shadow prime minister of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), met Sir Keir Starmer, head of Britain’s Labour Party, for talks. Dobrev told an online press conference that her visit aimed at showing that “the picture Prime Minister Viktor Orbán presents is not Hungary’s real face”.

“There is an alternative, a different Hungary seeking friends and allies within and outside the EU,” she added. The meeting covered the war in Ukraine, Dobrev said.

Hungarian voters supported Hungary’s NATO membership by a huge majority, and DK is committed to “making NATO a strong organisation able to protect Hungarian people “.

Dobrev said Britons were suffering from the consequences of Brexit, and said it was “a warning sign showing how a small majority of a country could be convinced that there is life outside the European Union”.

“Though most people will now think it was a bad decision, they have to bear its consequences,” she added.

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