Podcast: 15 EU Countries Sue Orbán’s Government

  • 26 May 2023 11:19 AM
Podcast: 15 EU Countries Sue Orbán’s Government
On this week’s episode of the Beyond the Byline podcast, we will be discussing the groundbreaking legal case in which 15 member states of the European Union are taking legal action against the government of Viktor Orbán.

Podcast available here

This historic move highlights not only the rift between Brussels and Budapest, but also emphasises that numerous other European capitals have joined forces in opposing the Hungarian government’s policies.

Hungary’s controversial child protection law has been criticised by human rights groups and international watchdogs as being discriminatory against LGBTIQA+ people and was described as a “disgrace” by the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Source: euractiv.com - republished with permission

Photo: PM's press office Zoltán Fischer

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