Upcoming CPAC Hungary is 'Big Draw for the World’s Major Right-Wing Figures'

  • 3 May 2023 6:55 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Upcoming CPAC Hungary is 'Big Draw for the World’s Major Right-Wing Figures'
The right wing in Hungary is punching above its weight, the head of the Center for Fundamental Rights said ahead of the CPAC Hungary conference to be held on May 4-5.

“Our sovereignty must be asserted while building global alliances,” Miklós Szánthó said in an interview published by mandiner.hu on Monday.

Commenting on the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference, he said the Hungarian event was the only European CPAC that was a big draw for the world’s major right-wing figures.

The idea of the trinity of God, homeland, and family as pillars of civilisation was shared “from the Potomac to the Danube”, Szánthó said.

Meanwhile, he said the importance of protecting the integrity of Ukraine “cannot be overestimated” in terms of ensuring that the region never lives under the shadow of the Russian threat again. But, he added, the question should be raised as to what kind of West “we want to offer Kyiv” as an alternative.

Referring to the upcoming CPAC Hungary, Szánthó said two incumbent prime ministers, two former prime ministers, four party heads, two congressmen, “former and future senators”, as well as “countless representatives from Europe, and politicians and journalists from South America to Israel” would attend.

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