Tragedy: Turkish Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Budapest

  • 12 Jun 2023 9:58 AM
Tragedy: Turkish Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Budapest
A Turkish Airlines flight bound for New York from Istanbul made an emergency landing at Liszt Ferenc International on Sunday, after an eleven-year-old passenger lost consciousness, airport operator Budapest Airport confirmed for MTI.

Liszt Ferenc International’s medical service staff were alerted and tried to revive the child. In spite of their quick and professional intervention, the child’s life could not be saved. says: 

Since birth, the 11-year-old Georgian girl has been ill and unable to move.

The child traveled to New York with her parents to live with their family there. The Georgian girl has been sick and immobile since birth.

When they boarded the plane, she had no problems at first, but as the takeoff began, the girl started experiencing continuous oxygen deprivation and eventually lost consciousness.

There was a doctor on board who, along with the crew, attempted to revive the girl for 40 minutes.

Upon landing in Budapest, the airport and the personnel of the Szent Márton ambulance continued their efforts to save her, but unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.

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