Increasingly Scarce Number of Doctors in Hungary

  • 3 Jul 2023 12:25 PM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Increasingly Scarce Number of Doctors in Hungary
More than 500 GP practices are vacant across Hungary, according to 

There are settlements where there has been no family doctor since 2005.

"There is no such thing as taking time off in primary care," pediatric family physician György Póta told RTL Hírado. 

For years, many people have only been able to go to rest for a few days because they are unable to arrange a replacement. Pediatricians, for example, can only be replaced by a qualified pediatrician. 

As an entrepreneur, the general practitioner must also pay the deputy's salary. According to RTL, this could be as much as HUF 50,000 per day. 

The average age of family pediatricians is 60 years old, and based on this, Póta believes that within a few years, there will be areas where family medicine will simply cease to exist.

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