Bounty for Wanted Vietnamese Guest Worker Offered by Radical Party in Hungary

  • 28 Aug 2023 2:23 PM
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Bounty for Wanted Vietnamese Guest Worker Offered by Radical Party in Hungary
Opposition party Mi Hazánk has said it is offering a one million forint bounty (EUR 2,620) for anyone who helps capture a Vietnamese guest worker accused of a sex crime.

Előd Novak, the radical party’s deputy leader, told a press conference on Sunday that there were “two types of migrant crime recognised by the government: Gypsy crime and … emerging guest-worker crime”.

The party is organising a protest for Aug. 29 in front of a prison in Budapest.

The Pest Central District Court has issued an arrest warrant for the individual in question, he said, adding that police had not managed to locate the man.

Mi Hazánk Hosts 'European Right-Wing Parties' in Budapest

Hungarian radical party Mi Hazánk hosted a meeting of right-wing parties in Parliament at the weekend, and the party’s leader, László Toroczkai, mooted forming a new European alliance.

Bulgaria’s Revival, Czechia’s Freedom and Direct Democracy Movement, the Dutch Forum for Democracy, Switzerland’s Mass-Voll and Alternative for Sweden all took part.

Toroczkai said these parties had similar programmes and histories. He said a new world order was under way harmful to European nations which were being “flooded by millions of migrants”.

He spoke of “the censorship on social media” and mounting “surveillance and control of people”.

Families, he added, were being ripped apart due to “LGBTQ and other harmful liberal propaganda”. Meanwhile, he referred to “a worthless world with faceless consumers”.

This “dark process” was fuelled by the “dark force” of the European Union and a group of financiers who have never been democratically elected, he said, also citing NATO. Toroczkai said the duty of the parties gathered in Budapest was to “stop the destruction of the Europe of nations”.

Dóra Dúró, the party’s deputy leader, slammed western European politicians for failure to handle the war in Ukraine and for stoking an economic crisis.

The Ukrainian government should not be helped, she said. “First we should solve our own problems,” she said.

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