Budapest Among Cheapest Cities to Live for Hybrid Workers

  • 20 Sep 2023 6:43 PM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Budapest Among Cheapest Cities to Live for Hybrid Workers
According to new global data, workers spend an average of 3.5 days per week in the office, with the rest spent working remotely, and Savoo, a UK-based voucher website, aims to find the cheapest cities for those looking for a hybrid work style.

To determine the cheapest cities for hybrid or remote workers, Savoo has analyzed 50 of the world’s most popular cities for hybrid or remote work positions, looking at metrics such as cost of living and hot-desking spaces in each city.

Metrics used include the cost of living and internet per month, the cost of a cappuccino, as well as the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment per month and hot-desking.

Buenos Aires and Istanbul ranked first and second, respectively, while Budapest ranked fifth on Savoo’s top 10 list, placing below Bangkok and right above Naples.

The voucher site shared its findings on Budapest, calculating that the total cost to work as a hybrid worker in Budapest is, on average, a total of GBP 1,291.

The site broke down the metrics used for Budapest’s calculations, sharing that the cost of living per month is GBP 603, a one-bedroom apartment is around GBP 484 per month, a cappuccino costs only GBP 1.77, and the average cost of hot-desking is around GBP 164.

Some other key findings noted that Budapest has one of the cheapest internet costs in the world, as the city ranks fourth for its prices of GBP 12.59 per month.

Budapest is also ranked as the seventh cheapest city in the world, with its monthly cost of living of GBP 603.

You can see the full research here:

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