Thematic Offers on the Shelves of Kifli in Hungary

  • 21 Jul 2023 1:33 PM
Thematic Offers on the Shelves of Kifli in Hungary
Would you like visit Italy this summer? If you miss the dolce vita feeling, or rather the taste of dolce food, than will bring the delicacies of Italian gastronomy to your home.

Tomatoes and olives ripened in the sun, Parmesan honoring al dente pasta, mischievous red wine, strong coffee and creamy gelato are all gastronomic big bang experiences. At the end of the multi-course feast, you can have a well-deserved siesta, just like in Italy. 

America, right here

In America, they always think big. Big numbers, big buildings, big food. Now, from the comfort of your sofa, you can embark on a culinary journey overseas to try authentic American food and drink available on, discovering from home the deservedly world-famous specialties of the northern and southern regions!

About started its operation in December 2019 with a clear goal of providing quality food and services in Budapest and the surrounding areas.

The company quickly became popular in he capital and its vicinity, and by June 2023, the number of delivered orders exceeded 4 million.

Today, the service is also available in Székesfehérvár, as well as around Lake Balaton and Lake Velence.

Besides its business success, the company pays significant attention to sustainable operations, including:

  • Recycling of packaging materials
  • Usage of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fuel for its fleet
  • Implementing real solutions to combat food waste.

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