Expert Report: Hungary 3rd Best Country for Expat Employment in The World

  • 8 Jan 2024 8:15 AM
  • Hungary Today
Expert Report: Hungary 3rd Best Country for Expat Employment in The World
Hungary is the 3rd best country for expat employment in the world, with the Manufacturing trade employing more expats than in any other industry in the country.

The research comes from the experts at William Russell, who ranked over 30 countries to determine where expats have the biggest impact on their local economy.

You can view the full Expat Economy Index here.

The top countries with the highest expat employment rate:

1 New Zealand 80.8% Wholesale and retail trade
2 Poland 80.4% Manufacturing
3 Hungary 80.3% Manufacturing
4 Czech Republic 79.8% Manufacturing
5 Portugal 76.9% Manufacturing
6 United Kingdom 75.5% Wholesale and retail trade
7 Switzerland 75.2% Manufacturing
8 Australia 74.2% Wholesale and retail trade

New Zealand tops the list with an expat employment rate of 80.8%, even higher than native-born individuals’ employment rate (77.2%). Its top employment sector is the wholesale and retail trade.

Poland is next for expat employment, with a foreign-born rate of 80.4%, and manufacturing as its highest employment sector. The tertiary education rate is also high for expats, at 59.6%, hinting at a well-educated expat population.

Hungary is the third best country for expat employment, with a high rate of 80.3%, and manufacturing as its top-rated sector.

Further findings: 6 of the top 8 countries saw a higher employment rate amongst expats than native-born residents. The only countries where this wasn’t the case were Switzerland and Australia.

New Zealand also had the lowest expat unemployment rate at 3.2%, once again lower than the rate for native-born individuals (4.3%).

The manufacturing industry employs more expats than any other industry, with over 105 MILLION expats employed globally. You can view the full research here.

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