New One-Day Motorway Vignette in Hungary Next Month - Why to Buy & Price Revealed

  • 7 Feb 2024 8:16 AM
  • Hungary Today
New One-Day Motorway Vignette in Hungary Next Month - Why to Buy & Price Revealed
The one-day motorway vignette, that will be valid on all toll roads in Hungary, is expected to be introduced at the end of March, writes.

The one-day motorway vignette is scheduled to be introduced in Hungary on March 25.

The D1 (category of passenger cars) one-day vignette will cost HUF 5,150 (EUR 13.35 / 1 EUR=385.7 HUF). The price of the one-day vignette is set by decree and can be up to 9 percent of the annual vignette price of HUF 57,260. Vehicles in the D2 category can thus pay up to HUF 7,315.

The one-day vignette will not expire at the 24th hour of the expiry date, unlike the previous vignette types, but will give the right to use the road for exactly 24 hours, so those who buy a vignette in the evening will not have to worry, as it will not expire at midnight.

In 2022, the European Union voted to reform the transport and charging systems, and member states were given two years to prepare for the new rules and to implement the new vignette system. The reform means that to ensure fair treatment of occasional road users from abroad, it will be possible to buy a vignette for a shorter period of time, up to one day.

The one-day vignette is worth buying if 

* You have driven onto a toll road by mistake, as buying within 60 minutes will avoid a fine,
* You are passing through Hungary or you are only using the road for one day,
* You do not use the motorway again within 10 days.

The portal also conducted a survey with more than 5,000 users on the new vignette. Respondents agreed that there is a need for a one-day vignette, but the majority of them would only consider it worthwhile if the price were between HUF 500 and 1,000.

The price of motorway vignettes has risen significantly by 2024. In addition, 230 kilometers of toll roads have been added in Hungary as of this year.

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