Little Disasters – Series Set to Film in Budapest for Paramount+

  • 21 Mar 2024 5:36 AM
Little Disasters – Series Set to Film in Budapest for Paramount+
The upcoming series “Little Disasters,” produced by Roughcut TV / Roughcut Television (LD) Limited, is scheduled to commence filming in Budapest.

This production, originally based in London, UK, marks a significant international project for the Hungarian film industry, further establishing Hungary as a key location for global film and television productions.

“Little Disasters” is a psychological thriller centered around the character Dr. Liz Trenchard, a pediatrician who becomes embroiled in a complex situation when the child of her close friend Jess is admitted to the accident and emergency department under mysterious circumstances.

The narrative delves into the unraveling of Jess’s life as secrets emerge, challenging the dynamics of their friendship group.

The series boasts a talented production team, including producers Ash Atalla, Marianna Abbotts, and Alex Smith, with Sian Ejiwunmi-Le Berre at the helm as the writer.

This collaboration aims to bring a compelling story to the screen, highlighting the intricacies of friendship, trust, and the lengths to which one might go to protect those they care about.

As Budapest continues to attract high-profile international productions, “Little Disasters” exemplifies the city’s capacity to support diverse filmmaking projects, offering a range of locations and professional services that cater to the global film industry.

The choice of Budapest as a filming location for “Little Disasters” underscores the city’s reputation as a versatile and appealing destination for filmmakers around the world.

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