State of Emergency Extended in Hungary Until 19 November

  • 11 Apr 2024 5:39 AM
  • Hungary Matters
State of Emergency Extended in Hungary Until 19 November
Lawmakers have approved an amendment that authorises the government to prolong the state of emergency in connection with the war in Ukraine until November 19.

The motion passed with 135 votes in favour and 47 against.

According to the bill submitted by the justice minister, the law is aimed at managing the fallout of the war and the humanitarian disaster in Hungary.

The government first declared a state of emergency in connection with the war in neighbouring Ukraine in May 2022, and MPs have voted to extend it several times.

Meanwhile, Parliament Votes to Suspend Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, Supplementary Documents

Lawmakers voted to suspend the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) and its supplementary documents.

After Russia pulled out of the CFE last year, NATO member states on Nov 7 released a joint statement in which they declared their intention to suspend the treaty’s operation.

Hungary, as a NATO member, is fulfilling this intention by suspending the treaty. The CFE’s suspension was approved with 177 votes in favour and 5 against.

Parliament Approves Hungary-Türkiye Civilian State of Emergency Cooperation Pact

Lawmakers voted to approve a law on a cooperation agreement on civilian state of emergency between Hungary and Türkiye. The law was approved unanimously with 182 votes in favour.

The agreement signed between the Hungarian and Turkish governments last December will boost bilateral cooperation on civilian states of emergency.

The agreement lays down the general framework for cooperation in the prevention of civilian emergencies, preparation for and response to them, as well as the conditions and rules of procedure for voluntary assistance. According to the bill’s justification, the agreement serves the further advancement of Hungarian-Turkish relations.

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