Updated: No Presidential Pardon for Acts of Euthanasia

  • 7 Jun 2024 10:21 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Updated: No Presidential Pardon for Acts of Euthanasia
President Tamás Sulyok has informed the terminally ill Dániel Karsai that he will not grant a preliminary presidential pardon to those who assist in acts of euthanasia.

Sulyok, who visited ALS sufferer Karsai last week, expressed concerns about potential legal conflicts and the head of state’s authority in such matters, stating that granting a pardon exceeds his duties and would usurp Parliament’s legislative and judicial powers.

According to him, the introduction of the so-called preliminary letter of mercy would mean that the president would override the Penal Code, but he does not have the authority to do that.

Karsai, a constitutional lawyer, acknowledged the response, but disagreed, emphasising the potential benefit of encouraging some to help others to end their lives with the help of dignified end-of-life options.

The European Court of Human Rights is scheduled to issue its verdict in Karsai’s case in mid-June.

Hungarian President Promises to Consider Pardon for Euthanasia

President Tamás Sulyok visited terminally ill constitutional lawyer Dániel Karsai at his home, and said he would consider the euthanasia campaigner’s request to grant a presidential pardon to those who help others suffering from an incurable terminal illness so that their physical and mental suffering is not unbearable.

Karsai’s nurse Ákos Márkovics said the more than 30-minute conversation took place in a good atmosphere.

Márkovics said Karsai was very pleased with the meeting, and considered it honourable of the president to visit him at his home, adding that Sulyok had also conveyed greetings from an old acquaintance.


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