Hungarian National Team Arrives in Germany for Euro 2024

  • 11 Jun 2024 7:09 AM
Hungarian National Team Arrives in Germany for Euro 2024
Hungary's Euro 2024 squad trained at home in Telki on Monday morning, but by the evening they were eating dinner at their tournament headquarters in Weiler, Germany.

Forty-eight hours after Saturday's victory against Israel and the focus was still partly about regeneration, but national-team head coach Marco Rossi also led a training session in Telki which included work with footballs.

Two players from the squad, Callum Styles and Loic Nego, have still not yet trained with the others.

After the training, the team's equipment and belongings were packed up and the players shared photos and autographs with children who had gathered to bid them farewell, some from winning teams in the McDonald's Fair Play Cup, some who were young footballers who'd participated in the OTP Bank Bozsik programme and the FETE Cup, organised annually in cooperation by MLSZ with the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service and featuring children who play football in deprived areas of the country.

Staff from the M4 Sport TV channel also journeyed to Telki for the farewell party, including former national-team players Ádám Bogdán and Attila Dragóner who interviewed players and other staff members.

Due to thunderstorms across Europe, the team's aeroplane travelling to the European Championship left Budapest after a slight delay and landed at Friedrichshafen airport shortly after 7:30pm CET, where a large group of local children was waiting for the delegation.

An hour later, the group arrived in Weiler Simmersberg where it was greeted by an even bigger crowd of locals.

On Tuesday afternoon, the national team will train in Weiler, and the first press conference of their stay in Germany will be held in the team's media centre.

Szoboszlai: Togetherness and fighting spirit can be our great strengths

Captain Dominik Szoboszlai talked to journalists in the team's media centre before the Hungarian men's national team's first Euro 2024 training session on Tuesday in Weiler.

The national team arrived from early-summer weather to late autumn on Monday, the pleasant weather at home in Budapest being replaced by a chilly climate in Germany.

On Tuesday, the morning hours saw a temperature of nine degrees celsius and it didn't get much warmer for the afternoon training session either.

Before the first practice in Germany, Hungary's team captain Dominik Szoboszlai was the first guest in the Hungarian media centre and spoke to both Hungarian and local German journalists.

"I'm not nervous yet, but I'm curious to see how I'll feel when we're on the bus to the stadium in Cologne. Until then, I'll take advantage of the situation that I can wait calmly for the opening match against Switzerland," Szoboszlai told everyone.

"At the European Championship, we must use our strengths, our excellent team unity and fighting spirit; this could be the key to our successful performance. We've nothing to lose, but we can achieve great things in Germany.

A few days ago, I found out that I'll be the youngest team captain of all time at the European Championship; this is a great honour for me and at the same time, I'd like to thank Marco Rossi for trusting me and for giving me the opportunity to lead the team to the European Championship

"I've just finished a difficult season, but since this was my first in the Premier League, I'm not dissatisfied with my performance, although I definitely want to have a better season next time. I usually think positively, so it didn't bother me that I played a smaller role at Liverpool at the end of the season.

At least the chance of injury was lower and I could focus on the European Championship earlier,
" explained Szoboszlai, who also assured everyone that the minor thigh injury he suffered in the match against Israel is no longer a problem and the tests have shown that he's completely healthy.

Accordingly, Szoboszlai was on the pitch during the afternoon training session with all his squadmates except Callum Styles and Loic Nego, who are still rehabilitating after minor injuries.

The players will train in the afternoon on Wednesday too, this time in front of a larger crowd, since the session will be open to the public, so the squad will practise in front of a few hundred people.


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