Museum in Budapest Wins Gold at Real Estate 'World Prix d'Excellence' Awards

  • 6 Jun 2024 7:00 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Museum in Budapest Wins Gold at Real Estate 'World Prix d'Excellence' Awards
Hungary's new Museum of Ethnography, part of the Liget Budapest Project, has been acknowledged at the Fiabci World Prix d'Excellence Awards in Singapore, according to a press release.

The spectacularly-shaped museum with a rooftop garden designed by Marcel Ferencz, was named a World Gold Winner in the Public Infrastructure category.

The House of Music Hungary, another element of the Liget Budapest Project, designed by Japan's Sou Fujimoto, was a Silver Winner in the same category.

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL's skyscraper HQ building, in the DunaPart project in the south of the capital, was a Gold Winner in both the Office and Sustainable Development categories at the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards.


From the Museum Team: 

The Most Modern Ethnographic Institution in The World Hidden Beneath a Green Roof

The Museum of Ethnography, currently the world’s most modern institution of ethnography. Designed by a Hungarian architect, its contemporary building will immediately strike you with its shape and special green roof.

The jury of the international design competition selected Marcel Ferencz’s design from a line-up of world-class architects.

The spectacular building is shaped like two intertwined hillsides and is covered by a roof garden with an area of over 7,000 square metres. It also houses one of the most important public collections in Hungary, and as a new gateway to the City Park it is connected to the Liget’s continually renewing cultural and recreational programme as a diverse communal space.

Budapest’s first roof garden

Another immediately striking feature of the building is its huge roof garden, which pretty much functions as a green extension of the City Park and has become one of its most popular community spaces.

You can simply lie down in the grass and admire the variety of plants, or even have a picnic here.

The roof is also a great place to take children, and in summer a misting system is installed to cool them down after they have been running up or rolling down the hillside.

If you wish to see the City Park and Heroes’ Square from above, walk up the steps along the perimeter of the building and have a look around. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can do the same during the hours when there are not many visitors around.

How was it made?

The building of the Museum of Ethnography was designed to meet the most up-to-date requirements and, therefore, the exhibition spaces are all under the ground, in the ‘belly’ of the building.

This serves a useful purpose since sunlight, which can damage the artworks, can be blocked, and it is also easier to keep the humidity and temperature within the ideal range.

Click here to know more about the Museum 


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