Celebrates 4 Years by Slashing Minimum Order Limits!

  • 17 Jan 2024 10:31 AM Celebrates 4 Years by Slashing Minimum Order Limits!
Happy Birthday,! As blow out the candles on their fourth birthday cake, they are making a wish for everyone to savor the Kifli experience.

To spread the joy of fresh, quality food and top-notch service, they've dropped the minimum order limit to a mere HUF 4,444, consisting of only four digits! Why? Because everyone deserves a taste of the magic.

Gabriel Makki, CEO of, reflects on the journey: "Achieving the dream limit of 5 million orders delivered is just a milestone. Our goal is more ambitious – we want every household in Hungary to savor the comfort brings. By slashing the minimum order limit by almost 60 percent, we're opening the door for everyone to indulge in the Kifli experience."

This irresistible offer is not just for the newcomers; it's a gift to the existing customers too! The birthday week bonanza runs from January 15th to 21st, ensuring everyone gets a slice of the celebration.

Makki added: “Diving into a world where quality meets convenience, and every bite is delivered with a smile was never this easy. isn't just an online food retailer; it's a lifestyle upgrade, delivered to your doorstep.”

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